Korma Masala


Bombay spices Korma masala Spice Mix. Originally from North India, the main ingredient in this spice mix is poppy seeds, which are roasted and ground with other spices to give a mild yet flavoursome Korma curry

Experience the exquisite taste of Bombay Spices most popular spice mix KORMA MASALA! where the main ingredient, poppy seeds, takes center stage. Carefully curated and crafted, this spice blend captures the essence of traditional Korma flavors with a delightful twist. Poppy seeds, known for their unique nutty and mildly sweet taste, lend a distinct character to this blend, creating a rich and creamy base for your Korma dishes.

With Bombay Spices Korma Masala, you can effortlessly recreate the authentic flavors of India’s beloved Korma cuisine right in your own kitchen. Indulge in the enchanting aroma and delicious taste of our Korma Masala, and elevate your culinary creations to a whole new level of gastronomic delight.

24 grams.

Ingredients: Poppy Seeds, Cumin, Coriander, Cardamom, Peppercorns, Cloves, Mace, Star Anise, Red Chilli, Saffron.

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