About Bombay Spices Melbourne

About Bombay Spices

Discovering more about Bombay Spices Australia, Hi I am Neda, owner and founder.

I moved to Australia in 2009, a year after my marriage. Leaving everything that we were and had, we moved to a country with no family and friends. Leaving my homeland was not easy.

Like any immigrant, we slowly discovered and learned to live the Australian life. Working in a contact centre, my two kids were born soon after. Just like that 10 years passed by.

Grown from the Ground up

After 12 years working, unfortunately, I had a work injury that put us in a vulnerable position financially and mentally. At the same time, we were also building our first home, which heightened our anxiety.

We were scrambling through this challenging time.

I was more driven by the thought than ever of being self-employed. I wanted to be independent but didn’t wanted to go back to the same office environment.

about Bombay spices Melbourne
dry chili by bombay spice

Spicing things up!

My mum came to Australia during that time and as we talked, I shared my entrepreneurial idea with her, and she encouraged me to take the first giant leap. I started with just 3 simple spices from my very local farmer’s market.

Bombay Spices was born out of my love for authentic Indian food, and most fittingly, it started from the confines of my favourite space – my home kitchen. My mother always used homemade freshly ground spices to cook food, and when I came here, I noticed the store-bought spices didn’t do justice to the original flavours. Having lived here for more than a decade, I deeply felt I owed it to my social circle, who loved Indian food but were deprived of the experience of enjoying an aromatic, delicious Indian food because of its complex blending techniques.

I thought that I could share my family recipes that have been passed through generations of passionate home cooks and share my culture to Australian society through my spices and food.

Family Recipe

We make Indian homemade spices like Roghan Josh, Garam Masala, Vindaloo, Korma Masala, Dahl Lentil spice mix and many more. Our spices are blended, roasted and ground locally in Melbourne, which means, it’s small batches of fresh aromatic quality spices.

At Bombay Spices we have easy, hassle free complete spice mixes. I want to give my customers, the confidence of making Indian food in their own kitchen like a pro, irrespective of where they are from.

Quoting Daniel Gilbert, “The secret of happiness is variety but the secret of variety, like the secret of all spices, is knowing when to use it.” Bombay Spices is all that and more.

Authentic Indian spice by Bombay spices
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